He has yet to respond to the news of his big wins tonight, but we’re sure Kanye West is enjoying his Billboard Music Awards recognition. The famed rapper has been busy relishing in family life as he also is readying himself for the Oval Office, but Wednesday (October 14) night’s award ceremony aided in adding a few more accolades to his trophy room. There was a bit of controversy surrounding the release of Jesus is King as Ye didn’t deliver the album on it’s promised due date, but once it hit streaming services, the album was praised in religious and secular circles.West has made it clear that his faith takes top priority in his life and fans have witnessed as his growing religiosity has shifted how the rapper approaches his career. Sunday Services trumped the typical Kanye West tours that his fanbase had grown accustomed to, and soon celebrities were joining the mega-choir across the globe.

While many are still finding it difficult to take Kanye West seriously as a Christian artist, Ye took home Billboard awards for Top Gospel Artist, Top Christian Album, Top Gospel Album, and Top Gospel Song. The rapper beat out the likes of Kirk Franklin in some of those categories, so it’s clear that he’s making waves on the gospel circuit. There have been murmurs that West is working on a Jesus is King sequel with Dr. Dre, but we’ll have to wait on more information about that. Congrats to Ye and his team.